Infographics!! WooHoo!

WHAT?! A new post!?

No I am not dead, just really, really, really, really tired! I have had a lot of changes going on recently in my little corner of the universe. For starters, I applied for and got a second job at Valencia College as a Reference Assistant. So I have been doing that on top of my full-time job at UCF (yay for 60 hour weeks!!!)

Then, because that wasn’t keeping me busy enough, my husband and I also decided to start adding to our little family. So I would like to formally announce (on the blog at least) that we are expecting a baby boy at the end of February! I don’t really recommend working 60 hours and being pregnant, I am starting to think I may be insane (my husband will gleefully confirm this for you!).

So that is why I have been mostly absent from my duties here. I have a bit too much on my plate!

BUT! Let’s get down to business! (Did you sing the Mulan song to yourself here? Yes? 10 points to you. No? For shame, go watch it on Youtube after reading this article.)

So working at the Reference desk at Valencia has been an interesting experience. I have learned that I am best at technology based questions,  formatting questions, and being really really patient while explaining the same idea to one student about 5161618 times (in a different way each time) before they finally understand it. This has given me more respect for instructors at all levels, you all are amazing.

I have also learned that I need to brush up on my reference interview skills as I tend to not ask some obvious questions. But I have been getting better and the ladies at the desk have been great at mentoring me and giving me advice when needed, so I have learned a lot.

One of my “it’s really slow today what should I do with my time” projects has been to play with infographics, which has been both fun and frustrating. But I have made three for the Facebook and Pinterest Pages at Valencia.


The first one:

Using Library Databases

This was my first go. Not my favorite thing I have ever made but it works. At last check it had a few hundred views so maybe it is helping someone! I wish there was a way to get some feedback or document the benefits some how. Oh well.


The second one:

APA Citations

This one I like a bit better. Aesthetically it is lacking a bit, but I am working on that. This infographic taught me several things:

1.) No matter how many times you proofread there will almost always be an error in the final product (see if you can spot mine).

2.) Plan out what you want to do BEFORE you start making the graphic. This will make putting it together that much easier and it won’t look thrown together and blocky like what you see above.

3.) These take a while to put together and you need patience to make one that is eye catching and informational.


The third one:

MLA Citations

So far this one is my favorite. Not only is it pretty (look at those colors!!) but it looks more cohesive to the viewer. I am still working on figuring out the best way to explain this information through graphics and am having a bit fun with it, but I really would like to see if it helps the students. The information can be as pretty as it wants but if it doesn’t help anyone then why am I doing it?

Anyway, that is all I really have for you all right now. But please feel free to give me feedback in the comments and let me know if I should adjust what I am doing or give me tips/advice/thumbs up……

2 thoughts on “Infographics!! WooHoo!

  1. Amanda, you are seriously the best (with perfect timing)! I’m doing a mini-workshop on infographics later this semester. I’ve never made one but figured it’s a perfect opportunity to figure out how, share some tools & tips, and talk about infographics in general, the good and the bad. How do you like Piktochart, and did you try out anything else?


    1. Hahaha! Thanks!

      I think out of the sites I tried I liked Piktochart the best. However what I do not like is that no matter what size font I use or type of font I use it looks blurry when I upload the infographic.

      The first one I made (Databases) was made with and was ok but I think I got more functionality out of Piktochart.

      I really like the idea of infographics because it makes learning the information a little less dull. 🙂 But I am still very green so I think I will play some more! Let me know how you fare!


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